Message from Chairman

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Dear Guardians, Parents and Students

On the behalf of Dumarwana Multiple Campus, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks for your co-operation, confidence and consideration for this campus, DMC established in the year 2064 B.S. The campus has been giving consistent importance to the quality professional education to meet the needs and expectation of the individuals and the nation. Within the short period of time it has been successful in conduction of B.Ed., B.A. and B.B.S. This credit goes to everyone. DMC would not have been so successful to establish its milestone. If there had not been whole hearted contribution from the side of the teachers, students' parents concerned and well-wishers.

DMC is committed to produce academically sound, competent and professional student of education, business management and administration and humanities to meet the challenging, growing requirements of the nation and world. The campus has succeeded in gaining the supports and confidence of the people in its academic programs.

I request potential student to think of the challengers that are most likely to face in the future before making a choice regarding the program of study. I also sincerely invite conscious parents and guardians to learn about the opportunities offered by the campus for a rewarding future of your children's career. I warmly welcome you all.