Dumarwana Multiple Campus, founded in 2064 B.S affiliated from Tribhuvan University is a non-profit making community-based campus. The campus has been running graduation classes in three faculties: Education, Humanities and Management.

Dumarwana Multiple Campus, founded in 2064 B.S affiliated from Tribhuvan University is a non-profit making community-based campus. The campus has been running graduation classes in three faculties: Education, Humanities and Management. The campus seems to be ahead in the district form the academic development point of view. Different innovative and recent methods and techniques are used by the teachers.

Regarding the infrastructure of the campus, its building is under construction. The ground floor has already been completed. There are recently 12 classrooms, 1 conference hall, 2 toilets, 2 toilets under construction, library, account section room, administrative room, store-house, clean drinking water hand-pump and tank, compound wall under-construction.

The campus conducted a week-long Gyan Mahayagya to upraise its academic and physical condition. The campus operating its own internal resource has opened a scholarship endowment fund. The interest amount received from it is given to the deserving students and to develop academic excellence. There is active participation of the community in the entire development of the campus. Formation and operation of a 99 member campus assembly, a 17 member Management committee, a 9 member Advisory Board, a 11 member Building Construction Committee, a 11 member scholarship endowment fund mobilization committee are the example of community participation in the development of the campus. Similarly, faculties, subject department committees and sub-committees are working out for the academic and sub-committees are working out for the academic and administrative excellence of the campus. The dedication, commitment and attachment of the teaching and non-teaching staff for the entire development of the campus is really commendable.

If the analysis and plans presented in this annual report are positively put into practice, the campus will be able to establish its identification in the development of higher education in this area Finally, the campus is hopeful to receive the required assistance, support and involvement of all to achieve its assigned goals despite having many obstacles, challenges and issues and opportunities as well.

  1. To pursue excellence in all academic activities that guide   students to the frontiers of knowledge and the best standards of scholarship.

  2. To nurture the individual potential of each student by providing a flexible, innovative and challenging environment.

  3. To prepare graduates with a professional edge who are competitive in meeting the present and changing needs of society, business and industry.

  4. To use a comprehensive understanding of global education to set its own academic standards.

  5.  To cultivate responsive and responsible service, practical relevance, social responsibility, and ethical behavior

  1. To be committed to the pursuit of excellence in creation and dissemination of knowledge.
  2. To encourage intellectual integrity and social responsibility.
  3. To promote professional competence for the benefit of the nation and humanity of large.






Mr. Anil Kumar Mainali




Mr. Ruplal Chaudhary




Mrs. Narayani Raimajhi




Mr. Shyam Babu Kha





Mr. Hem Narayan Chaudhary




Mrs. Chayan Gurung





Mr. Ram Prasad Lamichhane




Mr. Haridev Kharel




Mr. Chaturbabu Wagle




Mr. Yagya Tiwari




Mr. Raju Prasad Adhikari




Mr. Hari Krishna K.C.




Dr. Bishwambhar Sharma




Mr. Barun Prasad Gautam



15 Mr. Radheshyam Shiwakoti Seretary Member 9855045104

Dear Guardians, Parents and Students

On the behalf of Dumarwana Multiple Campus, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks for your co-operation, confidence and consideration for this campus, DMC established in the year 2064 B.S. The campus has been giving consistent importance to the quality professional education to meet the needs and expectation of the individuals and the nation. Within the short period of time it has been successful in conduction of B.Ed., B.A. and B.B.S. This credit goes to everyone. DMC would not have been so successful to establish its milestone. If there had not been whole hearted contribution from the side of the teachers, students' parents concerned and well-wishers.

DMC is committed to produce academically sound, competent and professional student of education, business management and administration and humanities to meet the challenging, growing requirements of the nation and world. The campus has succeeded in gaining the supports and confidence of the people in its academic programs.

I request potential student to think of the challengers that are most likely to face in the future before making a choice regarding the program of study. I also sincerely invite conscious parents and guardians to learn about the opportunities offered by the campus for a rewarding future of your children's career. I warmly welcome you all.


Dumarwana Multiple Campus, located at the heart of Bara district, was established in 2064 B.S. affiliated from Tribhuvan University. It is solely a non-profit making community academic institute. It has been running graduation classes in three faculties: Education, Humanities and Management dissemination quality education for more than a decade. It has been able to hold its place in the heart of the people, well-wishers and concerning in a short span ot time. The students from poor family, Dalit, marginalized have been benefited with the establishment of the campus. It has been the destination of such students who are deprived of getting graduation education going to the urban city. Moreover, as it is the campus of daughters and daughter in law; most of the students studying in this campus are females; the premier duty of DMC is to produce world-class standard manpower targeting the global need. DMC is conscious of upholding the image of TU. It houses highly professional, dedicated and competent faculty as required who focus on producing world-class manpower. DMC is committed to achieve better quality results. It is in the process of commencing B.Sc. Ag class in the near future.

I would like to gladly say that most of the graduates of this campus have been permanent job holders in their respective field.

I would like to express my deep sense of gratitude to all the teachers, staffs and students for their tireless effort and precious time in development of this campus. It's my pleasure and privilege to work as a team with the students, staff and teachers at this campus and I hope that it will continue in future.

Moreover, I welcome all the prospective students in this campus for truly professional educational experience to build their career and transform into dedicated, contributing and promising human resource.

If you need help during your studies, it helps to know that institutions offer a wide range of support services to assist you with any problems you may face, including those of an academic or personal nature. You'll find that student advisers are very understanding of the issues you face as a student and can really provide help when you need it.

  • Counselling
  • Libraries and Computer Lab
  • ECA
  • Sports
  • Family Environment
  • Educational Tour
  • Seminar
  • Excursion
  • Sholorsip
  • Internal Exam
  • Remedial Class
  • Audio Visual Class
  • Motivational Class
  • Community Services
  • Internship


Admissions & Enrolments to the Campus are not limited by religion, race, gender or zoning boundaries. The availability of positions is limited. The application process includes

  1. Choose subject combination
  2. The submission of an Application Form
  3. Sitting an Entrance Exam
  4. Nottice for enrollment
  5. An Interview process with the student
  6. Proceed for enrollment

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